License Registration Service

23/8/2018 10:08:33

Product Anouncement is a very necessary business activity for imported or locally produced products that may be permitted to be circulated nationwide. Product release is also the first and mandatory work before importing mandatory products. 365 Express with a staff of many years of experience will help you and you have the license to circulate products in the shortest time and the simplest application procedure when you choose the product announcement service Package.

Indeed, in order for the product to be locally available and to guarantee the ownership of the product, the imported or locally produced product must comply with the Quality Product Anouncement Process.

You are inquiring about the specifications published, want to announce product quality standards quickly. Come to 365 Express’s Product Anouncement Service, we will advise you on all necessary procedures in the fastest, most accurate way possible at low cost.

Using the service of Quality Anouncement of 365 Express customers will be:

  • Providing legal consultancy related to activities of goods quality registration;
  • Consulting process, procedures for announcing quality of goods, declaration of standard conformity, measuring measurement;
  • To compile dossiers of goods quality publicization, standard conformity goods publicization, product testing and measurement expertise;
  • To monitor the process of announcing goods quality, announcing standard-conformable goods, and inspecting measurement at competent state agencies;
  • Exchanging and providing information to customers in the process of goods quality announcement, standard conformity announcement, measuring measurement;
  • Guiding customers to apply quality standards in their production and business activities;
  • Consulting on building quality management system (ISO);
  • Consulting, building standards for customers to participate in domestic and international awards for quality.

When using 365 Express’s full service package, you do not have to worry about any legal problems.

To register for 365 Express service or to find out more details of our services, you can contact us as below:

  • Address: 13 Nguyen Quang Bich, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: (+028) 38 497 999 or (+028) 38 127 922
  • Fax: (+028) 38 497 888
  • Hotline: 0972.365.365
  • Email:

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