Express delivery in 5 hours

20/8/2018 16:08:51

Express delivery in 5 hours is a service that has full time from receiving to broadcast within 5 hours

⇒ When using Express delivery in 5 hours, document will be transported by air, hand baggage and consignment, with crew members escorted throughout the trip. In this way, the total time is 5 hours.

+ Reasons to use Express delivery in 5 hours Service of 365 Express:

  • Help you to send the fastest from Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi and vice versa!
  • Delivery time and receive within 5 hours!
  • 365 Express helps you delivery in time to handle the work immediately!

+ Features of 365 Express Service:

  • When using Express delivery in 5 hours at 365 Express:
  • Your goods will be delivered from Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa within 5 hours
  • All goods and documents are delivered by airplane direct luggage via registered / checked baggage to the receiving address.
  • There is always an employee of 365 Express fly during the trip to ensure the safety of documents and goods during transportation
  • Scope of application: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

+ Special offers when using Express delivery in 5 hours Service of 365 Express:

  • Quality priority: Goods and document will always be given priority to delivery, delivery and shipping to ensure that the timetable is up to date.
  • Compensation policy: In case of loss of or damage to the whole package, compensation will be paid in accordance with regulations and commitment to customers.
  • ⇒ 365 Express operates 24/7 every day of the week so your goods are constantly monitored and updated to ensure the fastest service requests from customers.

⇒ Experience Express delivery in 5 hours Service of 365 Express today!

To register for 365 Express service or to find out more details of our services, you can contact us as below:

  • Address: 13 Nguyen Quang Bich, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: (+028) 38 497 999 or (+028) 38 127 922
  • Fax: (+028) 38 497 888
  • Hotline: 0972.365.365
  • Email:


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